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Antiques Collectibles Resources

You’ll find some of the latest collecting news here and all the information you’ll need to locate the best and most popular antique and collectible shops in the mountain west.You’ll also find the right buyers here for your treasures when you are ready to sell them, and we’ll give you the names of the top restoration shops in the business when you need someone to repair or restore your antiques and collectibles.

Remember to enjoy the flowers along the way when searching for your treasures! And to help you along the way, check out our events calendar and dining guide for some destinations worth exploring.


Collecting Resources

Find what you’re looking for easily with the links we have compiled for you when you’re looking for answers about your antiques and collectibles.

Antiques and Collectibles Resources Utah
Antiques & Collectibles
You’ll find some of the most popular antiques and collectibles stores in Utah and the surrounding mountain west listed with the WAC Resource Guide.
Antiques and Collectibles Resources Utah
Restoration Services
Finding the right repair and restoration service is easy when you can check with the WAC Resource Guide for a list of the best shops in the business.
Antiques and Collectibles Resources Utah
Wanted To Buy
The WAC Resource Guide suggest sellers of antiques, art and collectibles should consider selling their items to the trusted buyers listed here.

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Utah Book & Magazine Has Retro Edge

At Peter Marshall’s Utah Book & Magazine in Salt Lake City, you get what you get because most everyone really likes it that way.   The popular bookstore has a lot more than what the name implies. Read more »

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